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May 15th, 2019, 10:15 am


a Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA), for signal processing and results. • As long as the wave travels in one direction, force and velocity are proportional: F = Zv, where: Z = EA/c is the pile impedance E is the pile material modulus of elasticity A is the cross sectional area of the pile c is the material wave speed at which the Once installed, the Contractor resumes driving the pile. The first few blows are done slowly to allow the Pile Driving Analyzer operator to ensure that the instrumentation is attached correctly and that the data is transmitted to the Pile Driving Analyzer computer. Driving then continues until the specified tip elevation is reached. 3 tonne diesel hammer with drop height of 1.50m. Testing driven pile 310UC96.8kg/m. Things to look at, CSX value should not exceed 90% of the Pile yield strength. BTA should not be less than 100% • PDA, Pile Driving Analyzer® • WEAP, Wave Equation Analysis of Pile Driving (and successor programs such as GRLWEAP by GRL Engineers, Inc.), often referred to simply as "wave equation" Each design example is a stand-alone document, but the first example in each track has the most extensive explanations and notes. GRL can perform Pile Driving Monitoring with an engineer on the job site or from their office, using SiteLink ®. When the pile driving hammer impacts the pile top, accelerometers and strain transducers attached to it obtain data that is converted to velocity and force readings. GRL analyzes the measurements with a PDA. Drive probe (or indicator) piles across the site area using a pile driving analyzer (PDA) to evaluate capacity, driving stresses, and hammer performance, including retapping of selected piles after initial set-up. 4. Evaluate and adjust the driving criterion based on the results of the PDA. RADIAL TIRE CONDITIONS ANALYSIS GUIDE A Comprehensive Review of Tread Wear Tire grading should be done prior to the tire being placed in a "scrap pile." After a tire has been dismounted from the rim

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